The heart of world handball will beat in Turkey in November. XXXVI IHF Ordinary Congress will be held in Turkey on 11-12 November 2017. The congress will be hosted by Turkey Handball Federation in Antalya. More than 400 delegates from over 200 countries affiliated with IHF will attend the congress that will be organized at the Granada Luxury Belek Hotel. The registration process will be conducted by the IHF; and the organization process will be undertaken by Torlak Tourism.

Turkey Handball Federation President Bilal Eyüboğlu stated they ensured that the congress would be held in Turkey as a result of a long lasting lobbying effort. THF President Eyüboğlu said that the officials from International Handball Federation arrived in Antalya immediately after they had reviewed the application folder, conducted an inspection on the transfer process, hotel and congress center, and agreed to holding the event in Turkey after the completion of the evaluation process.

Stating that government leaders had encouraged them during the candidacy process, President Eyüboğlu thanked the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of the Interior for their contribution. Eyüboğlu said, “We will host the friends of handball coming here from all around the world in the best way with the hospitality peculiar to our country and with the beauties of our country”. The last IHF congress, which is organized every two years, was held in Sochi, Russia in 2015.